An Audience of One

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Hello and welcome!

I’m a wife and mom, living in California, along with my family. My story involves a history of health issues, which led to a prolonged addiction to prescription Fentanyl. More importantly, praise be to God, my story also involves healing, deliverance, and freedom from Fentanyl.

I may talk more about that at some point, but thus far, I’ve enjoyed blogging about my faith in general, along with life circumstances (with a bit of humor thrown in).

As to the title of this site, it was inspired by The Man In The Balcony, which is a story my dad has told through the years. It’s a story I think of often, and is explained more in the post titled What’s In a Name.

In the performance of life, let us remember there is just one in the audience whose opinion truly matters. That’s the opinion of Jesus, the man in the balcony. May this richest of understandings then shape the entirety of how we live each day, as we seek only to please Him.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

🤍, Kendra Purtell

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