Give It A Rest

Yesterday, during a debrief at work, we were talking through various claims the group had handled, when someone mentioned a rental dwelling policy. A claim had been filed by the landlord for tenant damages, including a toilet the tenant had painted. Upon hearing this, two thoughts ran through my mind simultaneously. The first was “Don’t say anything,” because of course, everyone else on the call was properly (and justifiably) horrified. The second, was, “Hmm, I haven’t painted a toilet yet.”

Truth be told, it’s one of the only things I haven’t painted, stained, or waxed around here. I went through a phase where I attacked everything from furniture and cabinets, to picture frames (along with the pictures inside), to lamp shades, to candles, to light switch covers, to sinks, to the refrigerator. It really was ridiculous, and got to the point where Buddy and Garrett would jokingly say they were going to lock the vehicles away.

Eventually, the busyness of life curtailed my, ahem, creative endeavors. Someday, I’m sure the pull of another project will draw me to the cabinet in the garage where all of the goodies lie. In the meantime, the faux finishes, paintbrushes, sponges, and rags are safely stowed away. Looking back on that time now, I see how I’d become almost obsessed with painting everything in sight. With a need to be creative.

Painted candles and mirror frame. Oh, the decorative balls in the bowl too. 🤦🏼‍♀️

This has been on my mind lately in terms of blogging. Creativity isn’t a bad thing, by any means. In fact, God, who is the ultimate creator, has placed this same desire within us. Where it becomes an issue is when our creativity interferes with the Creator.

Recently, the same obsessive need I felt with painting has resurfaced with blogging. Yes, blogging is a way of pointing back to Jesus. Yes, it’s a form of worship. Indeed, many times I’m writing with tears on my cheeks, as I contemplate the awesomeness of God.

But in some pivotal ways, the need to create has gotten in the way of time spent with the creator Himself. It saddens me to realize that I’ve found myself spending more time writing than I have on my knees. Thus, I’m going to really try and give it a rest.

My intent isn’t to stop blogging entirely, but rather to aim for one or two thoughtful posts per week. And so, if you don’t see me around as much, know that I’m still here. I’m just giving it a rest for a day or two, while I plug in with the One from whom all creativity flows. See you soon! 🤍

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Featured Image by Pexels

12 responses to “Give It A Rest”

  1. Very good, Kendra. When the Spirit speaks, listen!
    I heard much the same inner whisper around the turn of this year. I made a similar announcement saying the more I posted the further from God I felt. I went from two posts per week to one every seven to ten days. I will miss your daily’s I have enjoyed them all. And I will continue enjoying the schedule considered best by you. Blessings!

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    1. That means more than you could even know, GW. For one thing, it seems weird to be feeling the way I have been. For another, I enjoy blogging more than any other activity, so I’ve resisted. But as soon as I hit the publish button, I felt a weight lift. As though I’d done the right thing. So I can only trust what I feel, as you said, but your kind words are a confirmation, and they mean a lot!

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  2. I’ve enjoyed your blogs but certainly agree staying connected to the creator is the most important! ❤️ You may see your gift enhanced even more.

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    1. I love, love blogging, so I’ve resisted, but after getting out of my own way, the choice became clear. I love Jesus more. 😃🤍

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  3. Supporting you, Kendra! Your posts will be enjoyed – no matter the frequency. I’m also going to ‘power down’ a little in frequency – sometime soon – just to balance with other things. Good for you! But please – if you decide to explore painted toilets, I want to see photos. LOL!
    Loved the pic you shared. You are quite the artist. xo! ❤

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    1. I promise to share a picture if I ever attempt it. 😆 And thank you, Vicki! I appreciate your support and same goes to you. Life just gets so, so busy! And that’s without blogging. 😃🤍

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      1. Indeed! 😉
        Xo to you and the family! ❤️Take care!

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  4. I love the picture of your painting creations – they are beautiful! But I also hear you about needing to cut back in order to listen and worship more. Good for you for hearing and heeding that. XOXO

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    1. Thank you, Wynne! I really appreciate your kind words and support! 🤍🤍

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  5. Nice post! I’m not a painter, but as a musician and blogger I can totally relate to the time management aspect of creativity. From the looks of those candlesticks and balls- I think you’d do a fabulous job painting a toilet- I say go for it!

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    1. Haha! Thank you, Todd! I will say my refrigerator painting resulted in getting a new one. And you’ll notice no photo of the fridge. 😆 So maybe when it’s time to nudge the process of a new toilet along, I’ll break out the paint and brushes. 😄

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